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Points de Vue, International Review of Ophthalmic Optics, N70, Spring 2014

Points de Vue 70

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In this new issue we focus on the subject of Visual Fatigue.

This is an important and interesting topic and an increasing amount of research is going into the many causes of Visual Fatigue, making it a subject of increasingly widespread concern. Indeed vision is a sense that interacts strongly with the elements of our static and dynamic behaviours and which makes intensive demands on our brain. It is therefore important to take into account the way in which our visual system works, linked to the type of visual task concerned, so as to eliminate or minimise visual fatigue. Another specific characteristic of visual fatigue is that its symptoms can appear vague or even difficult to define verbally, and sufferers are not always aware of visual fatigue.

The visual environment has also evolved a great deal over the past few decades, and documents are now read at increasingly near distances, using new devices such as tablets or smartphones, which may require increased visual effort.

Jim Sheedy, who has done a great deal of work on the study of visual fatigue , has honoured us with a general article on the various causes, symptoms and treatments for visual fatigue, and underlines the fact that it is of primary importance that vision is well corrected, taking into account, whenever possible, the ergonomics of the visual task concerned.

We also invite you to watch the video interview with Jim Sheedy.

Michaela Friedrich et al give an update on a study undertaken on the postural consequences of reading from computer screens, showing the importance of taking into account the configuration of work stations for reading on screen, with its consequences on musculoskeletal issues.

One of the main ways of reducing or avoiding visual fatigue is to have good vision, with optimal accommodation comfort. However, accommodation diminishes with age, which can create visual discomfort, with visual fatigue arising well before the age of presbyopia. Ronald Schachar tells us about the eye’s physiology, how accommodation works and sets out the various symptoms that appear during pre-presbyopia for near reading.

Since visual fatigue is a feeling that can be relatively subjective, we thought that a qualitative study could shed light on the way in which each and every one of us talks about visual discomfort or proven visual fatigue. Agathe Laurent, from the Springvoice Institute presents the study she has carried out to achieve a better understanding of the visual needs of pre-presbyopes and emerging presbyopes.

Jean-Félix Biosse Duplan, founder of the Vision Impact Institute®, whose mission is to increase knowledge of the socio-economic impact of poor vision, presents to us the challenges and issues arising at world level to ensure good quality vision for everyone, everywhere.

As a follow-up to previous issues of the magazine, regarding the potential dangers of UV rays, Christian Miège has taken a look at available literature on the dangers of UV rays, produced by ophthalmologists, optometrists and dermatologists in 5 European countries, and gives us his opinion on the E-SPFTM UV protection factor.

Finally, in our usual Art and Vision section, we are delighted to re-print for you an article by Philippe Lanthony on painting and accommodation, which considers the relationships between various vision distances in painting and the ensuing variations in accommodation.



Visual fatigue in near vision

Visual fatigue

Jim Sheedy

Visual fatigue through posture

Effect of multifocal lenses on eye and head movements in presbyopic VDU users with neck and shoulder complaints

Michaela Friedrich, Jeanette Kothe, Hans-Jürgen Grein, Egbert J. Seidel


The early signs and symptoms of presbyopia

Ronald A. Schachar

Young presbyopes needs

Understanding the needs of pre-presbyopes and emerging presbyopes

Agathe Laurent

Vision Impact Institute®

The incredible paradox of vision

Jean-Félix Biosse Duplan

UV and eye protection

Eye-Sun Protection Factor. A new UV protection label for eyewear

Christian Miège





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This article has been read 346 times
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Points de Vue, International Review of Ophthalmic Optics, N70, Spring 2014

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