Points de Vue, the International Review of Ophthalmic Optics, was created in March 1979 by Jacques Mur, the founder of Medical Relations Division at Essilor.

With an initial print run of just 4,000 it was originally intended solely for French ophthalmologists, as a way to share opinions and expertise with one another, while building a more open and informative relationship between eye care professionals, practitioners, experts in ophthalmic optics and the Essilor teams.


In 1992, the new team of Marc Alexandre (Director of the Publication and Andréa Chopart (Chief Editor) was appointed to take Points de Vue to the next level.

Under their stewardship, Issue No.29, became our first bilingual edition, being published in both French-English to reflect the growing international reputation.

by the beginning of the millennium Points de Vue circulation was now over 20,000 and distributed in 45 countries. 

So successful was this bilingual approach to publishing that in quick succession a French-German and an English-Spanish edition were soon to follow. And by 2004, we had added a fifth language with the Chinese-English edition.

During this time, selected issues were also published in both Japanese and Brazilian Portuguese to meet growing demand.

In 2001, Points de Vue appointed its first International Scientific Board. Consisting of nine leading international experts and opinion-formers.  

In 2007, with horizons expanding Points de Vue created an international Editorial Board, welcoming internal Essilor’s experts from Europe, USA, South America and Australia.


In 2010, Points de Vue launched its first website, with the aim of enhancing the reader experience with more interactive content.​

A year later Jean-Pierre Chauveau, the Director of Global Quality and Standardization at Essilor, joined the Points de Vue Editorial Board. Three years later he was to be appointed the new Director of the Publication.

A period of change and development was to follow, with Points de Vue getting a full design and editorial makeover to compliment a new content strategy that focused on the latest research and product innovations, under the guidance of both the Editorial Board and Alain Riveline, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing,

At the end of 2003, the Chief Editor, Andréa Chopart was also to retire. Once more Jean-Pierre Chauveau stepped up, before passing the leadership to a new team in 2014 lead by Eva Lazuka-Nicoulaud, the Associate Director at Essilor International in charge of Global Key Opinion Leaders and Health.

This new management team revamped the publication with a new logo and layout, re-designed, around the 5 key sections : Experts’ voice, Science, Clinic, Market Watch, Art & Vision.

While in 2014 the Editorial Board was increased to 16 members to greater reflect our growing international standing.


The next year, 2015 Points de Vue, launched its first website. A technological development that extended both readership and their access to our content.

It proved to be so successful that in January 2017, Points de Vue became a fully digital, online publication.

The greater flexibility and increased frequency that this afforded, coupled with daily activity across our multiple social platforms, including:

LinkedInFacebookTwitterYoutube  has seen our readership surpass 100,000 Eye Health Professionals in 186 countries.


Now, as the industry develops, evolves and changes at an ever-increasing rate Points de Vue's reputation for exploring new ideas and trends that stimulate debate and provoke thought has never been more important, or needed.