(Bio, 2015)

Ophthalmologist, court expert, hospital practitioner.
Postgraduate degree in Ophthalmological Genetics.
President of the Société de Contactologie des Alpes.
Head of the department of genetic diseases of the retina and optic nerve at Grenoble University Hospital.
CEA consultant, Institut Laue Langevin, ESRF, MBL, in school and sports medicine.
Lecturer at Joseph Fourier University in ophthalmological risk prevention for safety engineers and occupational physicians.
Numerous publications in ophthalmic journals dealing with preventive and occupational ophthalmic medicine (white rooms, LEDs, etc.).
Numerous articles on ophthalmology in mainstream magazines.
Participation in a number of reports: 2009 SFO and 2001 and 2005 SFOALC, coordinator of the 2013 report on myopia and contact lenses.
Author of five films: one on the tear film, three related to the use of lenses in children and one on myopia.
Speaker at many national and international conferences.


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