Le Saux
Senior Vice President Foresight & Research Essilor International

Gilles Le Saux, Senior Vice President Foresight & Research at Essilor International, graduated from the Institute of Optics Graduate School in 1984. He then went on to earn a Doctor of Sciences from Paris XI University, a Master in Marketing from ESSEC and a Master in Epistemology and History of Sciences from Paris Descartes University. 

Following his appointment as Associate Professor at the Institute of Optics in 1987, Gilles continued his research activities in the Nonlinear Optics laboratory on photorefractive materials and the development of ultra-short pulse laser sources.

Joining Essilor International in 1991, Gilles and the R&D teams developed technologies for the calculation, manufacture and measurement of complex optical components, including progressive addition lenses. After holding various positions, he became R&D Optics Director in 2006. In 2019 Gilles was appointed Senior Vice President Foresight & Research, charged with leading the group’s upstream innovation processes.

A board member of the French Optic Society for eight years, Gilles is currently vice-president of the Institut Optique Graduate School and board member of the International Myopia Institute.



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